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Successful companies invest vast amounts of capital in creating the right image. While

the word "image" usually conjures thoughts of logos, building locations and public

relations, the world’s most respected companies place greater emphasis on their most

important assets—their employees.

Does your staff positively and consistently reflect your company’s brand?

Do they understand Business Appropriate?

In the workplace, appearance is essential in establishing trust, credibility and open

communication because in a matter of seconds, perceptions are made based on people’s

observations. The appearance of your employees is a key factor in the success of your

company.  Impression management is a key communication tool that benefits both

employee and employer by bolstering company moral, improving employee relations,

increasing performance and subsequently enhancing revenue. Maximize your employees’

effectiveness by raising their awareness of the importance of image and its benefits to each

individual and the company’s success. All our programs are custom-tailored to suit your

company’s vision and overall objective. Our Image Training Sessions are fun, interactive

and motivational.

Corporate Training Modules


Crafting a dress code policy or updating existing dress guidelines and delivering it to

employees can be risky business for the untrained professional. We can help you ensure

your company’s dress policy corresponds with your corporate brand and vision and

empower employees to look great with what they’ve got through the win-win process.

Establish the correct dress code policy for your company

Provide the necessary teaching methods and tools for employees


Some people just don’t get it, while some simply like to see what they can get away with.

Managing these types of personalities can be challenging, uncomfortable and above of

time-consuming. This session provides managers with the tools and methods to effectively

address “appearance-challenged” employees and getting them to understand what’s in it

for them and correcting their dressing behavior.

Getting Them To Get It

What to do about "Problem" Dressers 

How People Respond to Dress Code Changes


People have a physiological response to clothing color. Discover how the colors you wear affect others and how to ensure you

are eliciting the response you want from the people in your sphere of influence. Color choices can increase your ability to lead

and succeed.

Color & Its Influence in Your Industry

How Color Energizes You & Those You Communicate With  

How to Wear It Appropriately


Are you ready to put the “business” back into Business Casual? This training session will lift people out of their casual

confusion and teach them to dress appropriately for their profession and their self respect by learning how to project authority

within the Business Casual realm.

Proper Fit and Attention to Detail 

Business Looks: The Do's and Don'ts

Knowing when to Image Up: "To Suit" or "Not To Suit" 


In this session, your team will learn how to create a dynamic and powerful appearance by understanding all of the elements of

traditional business attire. This session is for the inspiring leaders and professional veterans who need a spruce up.

Discover how to be more confident and instill more respect from clients and co-workers.

Understand all three levels of business dress: traditional, appropriate, and business casual and when to dress in them.

Selecting the Right Business Fabrics