Personal Consulting

Your image tells the world who you are and where you are going. Your image is a picture and a promise that your external

packaging reflects the values, skills and abilities you possess. Impressions are made within 30 seconds of your first encounter

and you have the power to control perceptions simply through your appearance. Get expert advice on personal grooming,

how to create the right visual impact and which colors and styles to choose to complement a particular lifestyle. All

consultations are tailored to suit your individual needs. Unlike friends, family and colleagues, we offer expert advice and

100% objective honesty. The range of consulting services are available to both women and men and include:

Style Assessment 

In this 2 hour session, Susan will assist you in defining your own personal style,

from the INSIDE OUT. You will understand what works for you, what doesn't

and why, freeing you to invest your time and money wisely.  By learning the

most effective style, shapes,  lengths, scale, proportions, fabrics, necklines,

hairstyles and accessories,  you can discover what works for you and why, so

you can repeat it day  after day. You will also learn how to accentuate the

positives and camouflage the concerns. Express your unique style personality,

enhance your best assets and create your desired look whether it be younger or

more mature and experienced, taller or thinner, trendy or more conservative.

Wardrobe Management 

Take the guesswork out of deciding which of your clothes and accessories

work for you and which don’t.  Susan will show you hot to get better usage

from your clothes and how to create an updated polished look using clothes

you already have. By sorting through your existing wardrobe, we will identify

the gaps and develop a shopping plan to compliment and revitalize your

current wardrobe and lifestyle. This is a must-have service before you set out


Color Analysis 

Colors communicate an intense message about mood, energy levels, style and taste. Discover your true colors through a

consultation that will enlighten you to your most suitable shades.  Analysis of your skin tone, hair color and eyes will

determine which hues enhance and flatter your appearance, helping you to look healthier, more youthful, attractive and


Personal Shopping 

No more expensive mistakes, wasted money or wasted time. When Susan takes

you shopping, you will experience buying with confidence and ease. She will

show you how to choose and where to find the pieces that work the very best for

you ensuring that every item is a good investment and a successful purchase. Her

personal shopping service includes ideal resources for your needs, from small

specialty shops to large retail stores and professional fashion designers. By

special arrangement, she is available to purchase wardrobe pieces without you

being there.

I wanted to thank you for the most excellent service you gave to me when I was preparing for my vacation.

"I have always wanted to get my colors done and have someone to help me with my wardrobe. I was so delighted to meet you

and get help with your expertise. You are such a dear person and so refreshing to be with. I pushed myself outside of my

comfort zone and was pleasantly surprised with some great outfits that will last quite a while. It was so worth the investment. I

still refer to my colors and lines of what looks good. Thank you so much. Not only was the time beneficial, but it was lots of

fun."  — Kim Nine

Your approach in discussing a very personal topic, my body and face type, was professional and non-


"I left with many great ideas on what I would need to make the clothes that I have work and what my wardrobe was

lacking. Providing me with a list of designers of clothing that suits my 'style' has helped to make shopping less of a

headache. I no longer dread going into large department stores because there are too many racks of clothes to sort through.

You confirmed a style and cut of clothing for me that makes the dreaded dressing room much more pleasant. What a relief!

When certain clothes don't fit, I no longer feel that there is something wrong with my body, but that the cut just isn't right for

my body shape. Now that's progress I can be happy with!" — Carmel Charron

Susan, how can I thank you for the absolute outrageous feeling of joy that I felt with you while shopping

with you?

"In my mind I see myself as someday looking on the outside the way I feel on the inside – strong, smart, sexy, polished, BIG,

fun, happy, joyful. That's what I saw before I even looked in the mirror wearing those dresses. I saw it in your face. I am the

vision that I want to be!

I’m grateful to you for your exquisite attention to color and I’m grateful for the closet work that I initially resisted. I’m glad

you kept me focused. I am grateful for the dresses you picked out for me to try. I had no expectations going in and would not

have tried them on. Thank you for holding a better vision for me than I had for myself.

I’m grateful to you for giving me new, positive shopping experiences to replace my litany of negatives, built over the years.

Thank you for being my "way shower".  I love pretty clothes and shoes, I love looking great and having fun! Thank you for

getting me started. I’m looking forward to more lessons and more fun dressing this great package (ME!)" — Tammi Wilson