Transforming Inner Beauty to the Outside

Learn how to get that put together look by choosing clothing styles & colors for your body type, personality, and lifestyle.

First Impressions Count

Is your staff conveying professional,

intelligent & capable in 7 seconds?

Traversing the landscape of business casual

"Since working with Susan, my confidence level has soared!"

C. Lynch 

Define your own personal style, from the INSIDE, OUT!

This is a style lesson like no other, not from a TV show, but in reality and designed specifically for you.  

Want ideas to get your style juices flowing?

As Seen on WMUR's Chronicle....

 "Do you find yourself staring at your closet in the mornings,saying I have nothing to wear? Well if you're finding yourself in need of a major makeover, that'll have your family, friends and co-workers turning their heads in a good way, Erin Fehlauh as a woman you need to meet."