Personal Style Transformation

Style Assessment



Learn how to get that put together look while authentically expressing yourself! We’ll define your own personal style from the INSIDE, OUT and you’ll learn what works for you, what doesn't and why, freeing you to invest your time and money wisely. Learn how to build an inspiring wardrobe that consists of pieces you love and are proud to wear. Learn how to dress for your body type to create harmony, balance and proportion as well as have your colors done – key to building a successful wardrobe and you looking your best! Discover hair styles that work best on you and serve you in communicating who you are and what eyewear and jewelry enhances your face shape and features! 

Closet Audit



Closet full of clothes and nothing to wear? Need some fresh ideas on how to put together outfits using your current wardrobe? Susan will show you how to maximize the use of your clothes and accessories and create an updated polished look using clothes you already own. Or do you need to take the guesswork out of deciding which of your clothes still serve you and which do not? Unlike friends, family and colleagues, Susan offers expert advice and 100% objective honesty to get your wardrobe under control and working for you! Together, we’ll identify the gaps and develop a shopping plan to compliment and revitalize your current wardrobe and lifestyle. This is a must-have service before you set out shopping.

Personal Shopping



No more expensive mistakes, wasted money or wasted time. When Susan takes you shopping, you will experience buying with confidence and ease. She will show you how to choose and where to find the pieces that work the very best for you ensuring that every item is a good investment and a successful purchase. When we shop, we will look for those missing pieces to complete your wardrobe or purchase new items to enhance your body shape and coloring. We will take many pictures throughout our time together, and create an evaluation folder to help you with your shopping and wardrobe needs in the future. This personal shopping service includes ideal resources for your needs and budget, from small specialty shops to large retail stores and professional fashion designers. 

Color Analysis



Learn what colors are best on you, help you look healthier, more youthful and attractive in this consultation. Colors communicate an intense message about mood, energy levels, style and taste. An analysis of your skin tone, hair color and eyes will determine which temperatures of color and intensities best enhance and flatter your appearance. Learn how to mix and match various hues to help you create stylish outfits and bring creative joy in inspiring you to look your best! 

Makeup Lesson



Learn from someone who knows how to teach. Susan is a licensed Makeup Artist and Esthetician whose method of application creates a look that enhances your own natural features, hides the imperfections, and lets you feel like yourself!  In this hands-on lesson, you'll learn how to choose the perfect colors and how to apply the makeup to complement your face and unique beauty.  

Makeup Application


Have a special occasion that requires flawless makeup?  Susan will get you "Red Carpet Ready" - from photo shoot, bridal makeup to a girls night out, or special event or gala. Leave your makeup to a pro to look naturally beautiful throughout the night.