Meet Susan Osborne


Trusted, image consultant and makeover advisor Susan Osborne coaches people to develop their own unique personal brand by claiming a clothing style that feels authentic and builds strategies to create an inspired wardrobe. A real teacher a heart, Susan educates people how to get a polished, put-together look by choosing clothing styles and colors that best suits them, their body type, personality, career and lifestyle. 


As a leader of the most successful image coaching provider, Susan demonstrates her mastery of personal brand coaching designed to help her clients maximize their personal presence and advance their goals and career by matching their exterior self to their interior strengths. 


New Hampshire’s Certified, Association of Image Consultants International (AICI) Image Consultant, Susan teaches diverse professionals and individuals, both men and women, to learn effective “presence” skills to complement their talent with a strong outer appearance and increase their visibility - transforming their career to much higher levels of success. These profound transformations empower clients to confidently project who they are, magnify their positive attributes and represent the ultimate celebration of self.

Susan specializes in communication and branding, executive and professional image consulting, wardrobe consulting, personal shopping and makeovers for men and women. Her clients include members of the corporate and private sectors, business leaders and owners, and members of the television, radio and print media.

Passionate of her craft, Susan draws from her B.A. in Marketing and over a decade  in corporate marketing and communications as a Marketing Brand Consultant for a major corporation. This gives her an in-depth understanding of the power of image, personal brand and communication skills. 

Her dedication to teaching the power of image through self-discovery and authentic expression is the mission of her business, Be Image Consulting.