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Corporate Training



The right image is essential in establishing trust, credibility and open communication because in a matter of seconds, perceptions are made based on people’s observations. Leave lasting, positive impressions with your customers by empowering employees to present an image that best illustrates your organization and its brand.


Does your staff positively and consistently reflect your company’s brand? 




Give your audience powerful wisdom and pragmatic tools to achieve their image and style potential. Susan is an inspirational speaker delivering a variety of presentations, from executive presence, personal branding, to learning about color, and how to dress with style for your body shape with an up-beat style and professional energy.

All presentations are customized to fit the needs of your audience. The knowledge is incredibly valuable and the experience is fun. Let's collaborate on a unique program that’ll be a real benefit and leave people talking for days

Commercial Styling & Makeup



Photographers and Video Production companies looking for one source in wardrobe, makeup and hair styling can find it right here. Fifteen years of experience lends freelance licensed makeup and stylist, Susan Osborne the skills to be strategically focused with each project and assist in capturing the desired visual representation. Susan is an experienced professional makeup artist and stylist specializing in media makeup for television commercials, makeup for commercial print, video productions, makeup for television appearances, models and camera subjects. Clients include CNN, Fox News, NBC, Timberland, Cannon, McDonalds and many more. 

Corporate Training Modules

Company Dress Code Consulting


Crafting a dress code policy or updating existing dress guidelines and delivering it to employees can be risky business for the untrained professional. We can help you ensure your company’s dress policy corresponds with your corporate brand and vision and empower employees to look professional despite their budget.

Management Training

Managing what to do with "problem dressers" can be challenging, uncomfortable and above of time-consuming. This session provides managers with the tools and methods to effectively address “appearance-challenged” employees and positively course-correcting their dressing habits.

Putting Business Back in Business-Casual


This training session will lift people out of their casual confusion and teach them to dress appropriately for their profession and their self respect by learning how to project authority within the Business Casual realm. They'll learn about proper fit and attention to detail and the do's and don'ts of business attire.

The Craft of Professional Business Attire

 In this session, your team will learn how to create a dynamic and powerful ppearance by understanding all of the elements of traditional business attire. This session is for the inspiring leaders and professional veterans who need a spruce up and knowledge of all the levels of business dress. They'll learn how their image can project more confidence and instill more respect from clients and co-workers.