Susan listened and respected that although I wanted to look great, that it was important that I look like me. The experience was fun and Susan was so easy to work with and non-intimidating. I felt beautiful during the process and felt great about myself after I left.” Carol B.  

“Susan has a very calm and comforting style of teaching. I felt at ease as soon as we met. It’s been a great learning experience to see my physical self through the eyes of a professional. In the past shopping had been mostly frustrating and fruitless, now it’s the opposite. I’m actually excited about shopping now! I’ve learned so many positive ways to accentuate my style, makeup, hair, even eyeglass frames. I felt so inspired and informed with every session I’ve spent with Susan. She has given me tools on how to change my approach to style and self image that will serve me well indefinitely.” – Catherine Schaffer, client 


Susan, how can I thank you for the absolute outrageous feeling of joy that I felt with you while shopping with you? In my mind I see myself as “someday” looking on the outside the way I feel on the inside – strong, smart, sexy, polished, BIG, fun, happy, joyful. That’s what I saw before I even looked in the mirror wearing those dresses. I saw it in your face. I am the vision that I want to be! I’m grateful to you for your exquisite attention to color and I’m grateful for the closet work that I initially resisted. I’m glad you kept me focused. I am grateful for the dresses you picked out for me to try. I had no expectations going in and would not have tried them on. Thank you for holding a better vision for me than I had for myself.  I’m am grateful for giving me new, positive shopping experiences to replace my litany of negatives, built over years. Thank you being my “way shower”. I love pretty clothes and shoes I love looking great and having fun! Thank you for getting me started. I’m looking forward to more lessons and more fun dressing this great package (ME!)”  Tammi Wilson

“As an entertainer, how I present myself on stage is a crucial part of my overall performance. Susan helped me develop a sense of style that enriched my stage presence while also keeping me comfortable. The results have been fantastic! Night after night I walk on stage feeling confident, and people compliment me regularly about the way I look. Susan made the entire experience of the image consult enjoyable. She was well prepared, gave me clear direction, and she did such a great job of listening to what I wanted to achieve and bringing together all the parts of the process so that I got what I wanted from the experience. I'm a pretty typical guy, in that I didn't worry much about how I dressed or give much thought to how the clothing I choose sends a message to others about myself. Now, after working with Susan, I still don't worry, but I use what she taught me to choose clothing that is a better reflection of how I want to be seen by others. The way I dress today is an authentic reflection of who I am, and people respond positively. Whether I'm on stage, meeting with clients, or spending time with friends or family, I'm dressed better than ever and I'm always comfortable. Working with Susan was one of the smartest things I've done for the development of my personal brand. I'm grateful to have her as a consultant. She's the best!” Paul Ramsay


“Susan, I had an absolutely awesome time. Since working with you, my confidence level has soared. I love the recommendations you made for my hair as well. I will gladly tell anyone that it’s worth the experience. Thank you from the bottom of my heart”- Chris Lynch



"I wanted to thank you for the most excellent service you gave to me when I was preparing for my vacation. I have always wanted to get my colors done and have someone to help me with my wardrobe. I was so delighted to meet you and get help with your expertise. You are such a dear person and so refreshing to be with. I pushed myself outside of my comfort zone and was pleasantly surprised with some great outfits that will last quite a while. It was so worth the investment. I still refer to my colors and lines of what looks good. Thank you so much. Not only was the time beneficial, but it was lots of fun." — Kim Nine



“Susan, Thanks so much for all your help! I can’t wait to wear the outfits you so expertly helped me choose. I’ve learned so much already. I wish I hadn’t waited so long to connect with you! Many Thanks” – Grace LaPlante, client



"Your approach in discussing a very personal topic, my body and face type, was professional and non-judgmental. I left with many great ideas on what I would need to make the clothes that I have work and what my wardrobe was lacking. Providing me with a list of designers of clothing that suits my 'style' has helped to make shopping less of a headache. I no longer dread going into large department stores because there are too many racks of clothes to sort through. You confirmed a style and cut of clothing for me that makes the dreaded dressing room much more pleasant. What a relief! When certain clothes don’t fit, I no longer feel that there is something wrong with my body, but that the cut just isn’t right for my body shape. Now that’s progress I can be happy with!" — Carmel Duval



“I just wanted to thank you again for another wonderful experience. My mother-in-law couldn’t have been any happier with her new look and makeup. She loves it! She couldn’t stop looking in the mirror. You have such a sweet way about you and I could tell she was very comfortable with you. Thank you again for really taking the time to make the two of us happy.”- Susan LaPalme



“I am grateful for all your help. Last Thursday was truly one of the greatest days I have had in a long time. Thank you – Thank you! I have complete trust in your selections and advice, which I never had previously with my former consultant. I look forward to working with you again. The compliments have already started pouring in.” -  Michelle Perron